16 September 2021
Hong Kong National Security Law text is out: the 4 crimes have maximum penalties of life imprisonment. Violating non-H.K. residents can be expelled. Terrorism charges include "serious disruption" of transportation networks (aimed @ anti-gov protestors)
Police granted "new" power requesting ISP or online service providers, like @lihkg_forum, to take down informations offending national security law. But it's unimaginable how they could order foreign political parties, government & proxies to provide informations
The national security agency will enhance "management & service" of foreign NGOs and new agencies. This is following China's goal of overseeing NGOs & press to enforce control
The law also introduces US style extended jurisdiction - offences related to the law outside HK & carried out by non HK residents will still fall into law. However s39 marks the law won't be retrospective
The law introduced HK style deprival of political right by barring anyone trialed of the offences to run on any elections
The budget on national security would be not bounded by Hongkong law, meaning it would becoming another secret "maintaining stability" cost like China
The law allowing police's national security section to hire specialists & technicians from outside Hongkong, granting mean to allow Chinese national security guards, or Guo Bao, to work in HK
The law is detailed in schedule but ONLY in Chinese
"As Beijing treats Hong Kong as 'One Country, One System,' so must the United States. The United States will continue to take strong actions against those who smothered Hong Kong's freedom and autonomy. We urge Beijing to immediately reverse course," adds @WHNSC spokesman
"Beijing's passage of the National Security Law is a violation of its commitments under the Sino-British Joint Declaration," says @WHNSC spokesman John Ullyot
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: "China is not an adversary to NATO. But we must fully understand what its rise means for us – and for our security. It is clear that China does not share our values. Democracy, freedom, and the rule of law. We see this in Hong Kong, where the new security law undermines its autonomy. And the liberty of its citizens. With the imprisonment of tens of thousands of Uighurs in so-called ‘re-education camps’.”
[email protected] of Australia expressed grave concern over NPCSC's passing NSL. Noting NSL takes precedence over HK laws, it said "This will deprive Hong Kong courts of their independent and binding power to interpret Hong Kong's laws under the common law."
The National Security Law for HK was passed unanimously on Tuesday. Chinese President Xi Jinping has signed a presidential decree unveiling the law, which will become effective on July 1
CarrieLam: The National Security Law will come into effect later today
China's President Xi signs HK national security law: Xinhua
Beijing says Hong Kong security law a 'sword' over lawbreakers' heads
Respect our right to protect national security, HK leader tells UN
1 year ago
China's HK security law will only target 'small minority': Lam
Many in Hongkong are disabling their accounts in anticipation of the CCP's security law. Some of the most active voices on this hellsite are going offline, and this is all happening on our watch
CGTN:Helicopters prepare for 23rd anniversary of HongKong's return to China
1 year ago
South Korea says Hong Kong should enjoy 'high degree of autonomy'
1 year ago
On reports that China has passed Hong Kong security law, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said "we are deeply concerned by unconfirmed reports that Beijing has passed the national security law. This would be a grave step". Once seen the full legislation further statement
Hong Kong's pro-democracy group @demosisto founded by @joshuawongcf, @nathanlawkc, @chowtingagnes, @jeffreychngo among others, announced they are ceasing all operations and disbanding immediately, citing difficulties to continue following several key members' withdrawal
@demosisto disbands
Security law: HongKong police entered Landmark mall in Central to disperse crowds who gathered to take part in a "lunch with you" pro-democracy demonstration on Tue afternoon. Photo: Apple Daily screenshot
Around 40 people of the Defend Hong Kong Campaign gathered at Tamar Park on Tuesday to support the newly-passed national security legislation. Participants waved the Chinese flag and sang the national anthem "March of the Volunteers."
China passes the national security law that grants it vast powers over Hong Kong
Commerce Secretary says Hong Kong's special status is revoked - BBG
US ends exports of defense equipment to HK, will impose same restrictions on defense & dual-use technologies for HK as for China. 2nd step US has taken since declaring HK no longer autonomous. On June 26, visa restrictions were imposed on CCP officials
Hong Kong exports continue to slump, falling 7.4 per cent in May, as pandemic and China-US ties hammer demand
1 year ago
17yo sentenced to 32 months in prison after pleading guilty to possession of 3 petrol bombs & substances to make about 20 others at Nov 10 protest in Tuen Mun. By far the longest protest-related prison sentence yet for a minor
China announced visa restrictions on US citizens who have "behaved egregiously" over Hong Kong, ahead of the expected approval by Chinese lawmakers of a controversial national security law for the city
USS Nimitz & USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Groups are conducting dual carrier ops in the Philippine Sea -began in international waters on June 28 (today) per @USNavy ; says ops maintain enduring commitments to mutual defense agreements with allies in @INDOPACOM
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