25 September 2021
China vows to take "corresponding measures" if the United Kingdom extends HK citizenship plan (AFP)
1 year ago
@foreignoffice summoned Chinese ambassador @AmbLiuXiaoMing to meet @SMcDonaldFCO today over Hong Kong security law. Top mandarin relayed UK's "deep concern" & said China is deemed in breach of UK-China Joint Declaration for only 2nd time since it was signed in 1984
"We continue to push President Trump to hold Chinese officials accountable," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi making a rare appearance in a committee hearing today, examining the implications of China's national security law in Hong Kong
1 year ago
Canadian government warns citizens they may face increased risk of arbitrary detention in Hong Kong and possible extradition to mainland China after legislation
1 year ago
UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab: 'We welcome BNOs to come to this country. we've got a specific historic responsibility to them. There won't be any quota.'
Police fired number of Pepperball rounds outside Time Square1 year ago
Police fired number of Pepperball rounds outside Time Square
Hong Kong police tactical unit officers enter Times Square
1 year ago
Boris Johnson just confirmed nearly 3 million British National (Overseas) passport holders in Hong Kong can resettle in the UK
1 year ago
DominicRaab says China's imposition of national security law on Hong Kong is a "clear & serious violation" of British-China Joint Declaration. "It constitutes a clear violation of the autonomy of Hong Kong, & a direct threat to the freedoms of its people", he says
Protesters break off bricks from the sidewalk on Hennessy Road and throw them onto the road
The footage has gone viral on Telegram. A person who appears to be a videographer is shot by police water cannon at a close distance and severely hit the ground. Luckily, he has his helmet on. And it helps absorb the shock. HongKongProtests
Police water canon maliciously targets reporter on Hennessy Road
Outside Times Square, several protesters can be seen waving independence flags. Hundreds chant "One Nation, One Hong Kong", "Fight for freedom, stand with HongKong" and "民族自強香港獨立"
Happening now: HongKong Police fire tear gas to disperse protestors as NationalSecurityLaw takes effect
Protesters continue to fill the streets with posters in support of the "five demands" of last year's anti-extradition bill movement, against the National Security Law, and now-outlawed independence advocacy. Photo: May James
HK Police arrested a man driving a motor scooter recklessly & waving a "Liberate Hong Kong" flag, charged with driving & National Security Law offences. Unclear whether police are suggesting waving the flag in itself constitutes a breach of the NSL
Hong Kong Police: Over 180 have been arrested for participating in unauthorised assemblies, disorderly conduct, possession of offensive weapon and other related offences, including 7 for suspectedly violating National Security Law. Arrest action is underway
Hong Kong police say an officer was stabbed
Hennessy Road occupied by dozens of police vehicles
A loud bang was heard in shopping district Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. One person is cared by a medic while a cakeshop nearby has been vandalized.
Tear gas has been fired on Percival Street, Causeway Bay at around 5:15pm. Photo: HKFP.
Police fired water cannon at journalists in Wanchai late Wednesday afternoon, with RTHK footage showing a reporter being thrown several metres after being hit with a blast. Photo: Kero/USP
At least nine police vehicles outside Sogo, Causeway Bay
"Hong Kong independence the only way out" a slogan considered violating the national security law by police is chanted by defiant protesters in Wan Chai
The crowd erupted in cheers earlier when a banner, which celebrates the imposition of the national security law, was pulled down from the bridge
Scene around Percival Street now
Police trying to disperse crowd as Glory to Hong Kong plays and people shout defiance
The police special tactical squad - the "raptors" - were deployed on Canal Road, and pushed journalists back from their cordon line. hongkong nationalsecuritylaw
Police whipped out a new purple flag at Causeway Bay today. Warns of arrest under national security law for chanting slogans or displaying banners related to secession of subversion. Two arrested under NSL so far. HongKong
Thousands of people marching along Wan Chai Road
Protesters swarm the streets of Hong Kong despite ban on the annual march as police cite health issues related to Covid-19. On June 30, the National Security Law took effect. On their social media, HK police made their first arrest under the new law @ABSCBNNews @ANCALERTS
Citizens cursed at police; in return they are cornered and pepper sprayed in the face at close range.
1535: someone was arrested for having flags of Taiwan IN CWB. HKNSL
Police continue to launch water cannons to disperse crowds gathering on main thoroughfares in Causeway Bay. Although water cannons are especially spiced up, such dispersal measures do not seem to dissuade the crowds
Police raising national security law warning flag after residents in Wanchai shouted at them for "cracking down on HKers' liberties."
Small unit of riot police raise the blue flag and video passersby near Times Square in Causeway Bay
Looks like crowd control measures are in place inside Causeway Bay MTR, many exit points have been blocked
New purple warning flag raised. Hong Kong Police
Blocking traffic can constitute a "terrorist" act. This crowd dispersed soon after as a water cannon truck sped through
Water cannon and armored truck on tonnochy turning onto Hennessy
Protest now in Hong Kong
Critical mass of protesters appear to be building outside Victoria park. Roads getting blocked and traffic disrupted
Police said over 30 were arrested in Causeway Bay, including allegedly violating NSL. That's only within 24 hour the law comes into effect in HK
Stops and searches everywhere in Wanchai. I've walked all of two blocks and already seen three separate searches
Hundreds take to Causeway Bay, protesting the national security law Video: SCMP/Zoe Low
Protestors are starting to gather in HongKong's Causeway Bay shopping area today despite the new state security law coming into force. China
March kind of stuck between two large police deployments. Blue flag up
A man was arrested for holding a HKIndependence flag in CausewayBay, Hong Kong, violating the #NationalSecurityLaw. This is the first arrest made since the law has come into force
Police raise their new warning flag in Causeway Bay. telling people they could be arrested for secession or subversion under HongKong's new national security law
First time in HK's history: hongkongers are warned that their flags, banners, slogans or other behaviours during demonstrations or protests may be arrested on charges of "secession" or "subversion of state power" under #NationalSecurityLaw, which was once only found in China
The new purple flag being used by police to warn of arrests under the new National Security laws which come into effect today.
Senior China Hong Kong affairs office official Zhang says suspects arrested by mainland's security office in HK will be tried in the mainland
Hong Kong National Security Law text is out: the 4 crimes have maximum penalties of life imprisonment. Violating non-H.K. residents can be expelled. Terrorism charges include "serious disruption" of transportation networks (aimed @ anti-gov protestors)
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