20 September 2021
3 human rights observers from human rights group Civil Rights Observer were among the arrested in Causeway Bay earlier last night, @HK_CRO said. It has strongly condemned the arrest as "unreasonable" and amounted to violation of Johannesburg Principles
Police has detained a man for hours despite he claimed to have chest pain. "Police mocked him, you look fine after several hours of marching and fighting with police," says onlooker Ah Wei who is just released
A group of people walked out from where nearly 100 were subdued on Hennessy Road
Police say they arrested over 400 people in Causeway Bay today, including around 70 here on Hennessy Road, lined up against the wall in rows awaiting processing. Few look like hardened frontliners. This rooftop is the closest media can get to record the scene
1 million people take part in new year march in Hong Kong today, according to organiser
After TV reported already more than 400 arrests in Causeway Bay, even more mass arrests there, these on Yee Wo & Hennessy Roads around 22.20
According to Apple Daily News, HKPF expanded their lockdown area to a ridiculous radius just to prevent reporters from filming the near-hundred of arrested citizens
A young man suddenly arrested in Causeway Bay for no apparent reason
Another apparent mass arrest in an alley in Tai Hang. This is in addition to the reported mass arrest on Hennessy Rd outside Citibank
On Hennessy Road, Democratic Party lawmaker Helena Wong questioned why police shone flashing lights at reporters. The police then called her "rubbish legco lawmaker" and said she was play-acting in front of cameras
Riot police cordoning off Hennessy Road are rather offensive in their talking. Calling lawmaker Helena Wong and onlookers "trash", ridiculing them for coming here for media exposure, accusing reporters of not filming vandalism, even saying jokingly that someone gonna jump off
At around 8:15pm, police suddenly disembarked from several vehicles and charged towards a crowd in Causeway Bay, detaining nearly a hundred people outside Hennessy Road's Citibank. Photo: May James / HKFP.
Riot police has dispersed most protesters. An officer also asked onlookers to leave MTR, "off you go, rioters."
Riot police just attacked Legislative Councillor Ted Hui Chi-fung and then pepper spraying citizens and journalists
Jan 1 march, which has been outlawed by police in the afternoon, has suddenly turned violent after sundown. Police have suddenly charged on Hennessy Rd and subdued at least 50 protesters. They drop to their knees and raise their hands during the arrest.
The water canon vehicle is running a course through Causeway Bay, unleashing bursts of pepper spray-infused water where crowds stood (before the canon advanced) on Hennessy and Jardine. As usual, journalists and medics appear to be the only ones hit
Water cannon deployed outside of Causeway Bay Sogo dispersing the crowd and #HongKongProtesters left from 2020 #HongKongProtests, Hong Kong Police raptors chasing after citizens
A cling film barrier is set up along Hennessy Road outside Hysan Place. One of such barriers successfully held back an armoured vehicle in Mong Kok last night
Police moving a Des Voeux barricade out of the way for the western water cannon to get through. Protestors falling back from the Pedder St junction
Tear gas is fired near Canal Road flyover, Video: SCMP/Elizabeth Cheung
19:08: HSBC has been set on fire in Central
Water cannon in Central on Des Veoux Rd
Police water cannon truck fires at protesters in Wan Chai as they move in to clear Hennesy Road
Tear gas just fired on Morrison Hill Road after two Molotov cocktails were thrown in front of advancing riot police
Protesters barricading a closed exit of Central MTR station after discovering that many police officers are on standby right inside the station.
Water cannon no1 pushing through towards Gooseneck Bridge
Protesters in Causeway Bay send supplies to the front lines, as people carry material for barricades through, Video: SCMP/Simone McCarthy
Despite police's decision to cancel the rally, many marchers march on. Human chains are formed to pass face masks and umbrellas. Fully black-clad protesters are scurrying towards Wan Chai, where rounds of tear gas were fired earlier
Protesters setting up some road block at Luard Road, hoping to slow police advancements. A mahjong table is also used
Tension in CWB as police just decided to end the rally. Furious crowd and riot police are pointing fingers at each other
Intense violence has suddenly broken at an HSBC branch in Wan Chai. A witness has told me that he saw a few protesters were dragged and beaten by several undercover officers at this bank. Police have also outlawed the whole march.
Further down Hennessy Road near Causeway Bay #HongKongProtests
Hong Kong Police asks Civil Human Rights Front to end march
Armed police in Hong Kong
Riot police fired tear gas at an intersection of Luard Road and Hennessy Road after 5pm to disperse crowds of protesters who got rowdy over heavy policing in the area. Large crowds of police had arrived in the area after some protesters vandalised an HSBC branch
Plainclothes police suddenly attacked the march about 20min ago, apparently due to vandalism of the HSBC in the background here. They subdued 1 person & pulled him into the branch. Then riot police & raptors stormed the very large crowd, shooting pepper spray & bean bag rounds
Riot police out on Hennessy Road in Wan Chai after some black clad people tried to vandalise an HSBC branch. A red flag was brandished. Earlier @chrf_hk said on its FB that two masked men entered police cordon line after breaking the bank's glasses
MTR Central/HongKong Station was packed with protestors aiming to Victoria Park for march. When we were good to go we heard "Liberate Hongkong Revolution of our time" and "5 demands not 1 less"
Head of the procession has reached the end of route in Central, where groups of riot police are standing by. Photo: Stand News
Tens of thousands reiterated their protest demands on January 1, during the first HongKong police-approved demonstration of the year. Protesters chanted "Five demands, not one less," & "Resist tyranny, join a union." Photo: @SiuSinGallery / HKFP
Protesters sing Glory to Hong Kong in Victoria Park. Video: SCMP/Simone McCarthy
Two masked men vandalised a branch of state-owned China Life Insurance in Wanchai. Witnesses told Apple Daily that when riot police arrived, the men shouted "we're one of you", and police did not intervene. Photo: Apple Daily screenshot.
The front of the march has reached the Chater Road endpoint as of 4pm, but hundreds of thousands still wait to begin in Causeway Bay and Victoria Park. Photo: May James / HKFP.
Marchers are still stuck in Causeway Bay due to the size of the crowd as of 3:15pm.
Victoria Park's grass lawn and Causeway Bay's Hennessy Road are beginning to fill with protesters. Photo: iCable / NowTV screenshot.
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