Map. History of Hong Kong conflict

5 六一 2020
Riot police stopped double deckers in Wan Chai and lined passengers up on street for search. (via @appledaily_hk )
Lawmaker Ted Hui says he saw three people put into a police van. He added that police gave no response when he asked why they were being taken #HongKongProtests
Someone is subdued in Causeway Bay and searched, with large crowds gathering around. No protests at Causeway Bay tonight
At least one man was taken into a police van after buses were searched on Fleming Road. #HongKongProtests
Policeman carrying a rifle into Hong Kong MTR station underneath IFC Mall tonight
Another double decker is stopped and searched by police (via @StandNewsHK )
Riot police have stopped two buses in Wan Chai at the intersection of Fleming Road and Harbour Road near Central Plaza. They have asked passengers to leave the buses and line up to be searched. #hongkongprotests
Police deployment at Hysan Place
2129, Safety: police are seen in Sai Ying Pun. #hongkongprotests
Video: police used water cannon against Hong Kong protesters
Protesters threw bricks at the glass panels of government headquarters
Protesters have been collecting bricks in front of the Admiralty MTR station at Queensway Plaza. They are throw them at the government headquarters. #hongkongprotests
#hkpolice fire tear gas from above onto the crowd.
After police used water to disperse the crowd outside the Chief Executive's Office, demonstrators have retreated and are walking towards Central. #hongkongprotests
Riot police have arrived on Harcourt Road, leading protesters to flee. #hongkongprotests
Water cannon unleashed.
The Tamar Park rally continues with tens of thousands seated on the grass, while riot police begin gearing up on Tim Wa Road. Photo: Isaac Yee / HKFP.
Extended pepper spray showers over water barriers at Tim Wah Ave & Harcourt Rd have only succeeded in attracting several thousand more protesters to the vicinity. Meanwhile, an entirely peaceful rally of tens of thousands proceeds 200m away. Harcourt still occupied & filling up
Riot police has raised the red flag on Tim Wa Avenue. Police earlier raised the red flag - warning of the use of force - at the other side of the government complex. #hongkongprotests
Protesters have piled barricades and pot plants outside two side entrances to the government headquarters. In a statement, the force warns protesters to stop charging police cordon lines. Photo: SCMP/Kimmy Chung #hongkongprotests
Harcourt Road occupied
The helicopter is hovering over Tamar Park and got laser-ed #antiELAB
Helicopter hovering in Admiralty
Protesters have occupied Harcourt Road on the fifth anniversary of #OccupyHK
Between speakers at Tamar Park, there are chants. Here they are doing "Hong Kongers add oil" and "Five demands, no less". #Hong Kong 9/28 #antiELAB
Protesters occupy Harcourt Road in Admiralty, just like the did exactly five years ago during #OccupyHK
Police raise the red warning flag - "stop charging or we use force" - and fire pepper spray over the barricades at protesters. #hongkongprotests
Protesters bang on the water barricades guarding the Government Headquarters, though there are few signs of escalation as of 7pm. Speeches will begin at Tamar Park at 7:15pm. Photo: HKFP.
Police just fired pepper spray-based solution at protesters kicking the gate near govt hq
Police deployed pepper spray and raised the red flag, warning to stop charging, after confrontations at a footbridge leading to Government Headquarters. Photo: Apple Daily screenshot
The rally at Tamar hasn't even started yet and police have fired pepper spray at a group of protesters. #HongKong
Black ballon for the assembly in Tamar Park #antiELAB
A group of riot police just entered Legislative Council.
Crowd at Tamar Park an hour ahead of a rally to make five years since the start of the Umbrella Movement
Exits C1 and D closed at Admiralty MTR. #antiELAB #HongKongProtests
9.28 Security guarding a banner commemorating the 70th China anniversary on a pedestrian walkway over Central Hong Kong
Protesters are rebuilding the Lennon Wall at the fifth anniversary of the Umbrella Movement outside government headquarter
The police has already removed a yellow pro-democracy banner with the umbrella motif and the painted slogan "We are back" from an elevated footbridge. Otherwise they are allowing the strong-glue spraying to continue
The yellow banner has been unfurled over Harcourt Road. It is a reference to another one hung at the end of the 2014 Umbrella Movement reading "we'll be back." Photo: HKFP
Hong Kong protests: 10,000-strong volunteer group to be formed to protect Chinese flags on National Day
Tsing Yi Lennon Wall has been thoroughly trashed
Central's Edinburgh Place has been filled up at 7:30pm as Friday's rally against alleged police torture in San Uk Ling Detention Centre begins. Photo: HKFP
Massive turnout at Edinburgh Place for a rally over the police's San Uk Ling holding centre following maltreatment allegations.
Hundreds of people are attending a rally at Central's Edinburgh Place in support of protesters detained at police's San Uk Ling holding centre.
HK police also said there's a rise in proportion of students among those arrested in connection with antiELAB. Before summer vacation ended,25% of 1046 arrested were high school or uni students. Proportion of students rose to 38% out of 550 arrested, for Sep 1-27
Citizens are assembling tonight to stand up for victims of San Uk Ling, a remote detention centre near the Chinese border where arrested antiELAB protesters have allegedly suffered beatings, torture, and sexual assault, and have been denied medical care and legal assistance
Civil Human Rights Front's march on October 1 / national day has been banned by the police. #antielab
Telegram groups are saying starting from 3 pm this afternoon until Oct 1, all passengers entering HK will need to put their luggage through x-ray machines or open it for inspection. If any protest-related items were found, they will be confiscated
Sha Tin district councillor Rick Hui says he was told by the police today that he will be charged While the details are still unclear, reports at the time of his arrest said he was suspected of obstructing a police officer in New Town Plaza on July 14
The Legco authorities said on Monday that a tight security will be imposed at the complex on Saturday, Sunday and National Day and strongly advised" public to stay away from the building on those days
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