Map. History of Hong Kong conflict

6 六一 2020
[email protected] readout of PM Johnson's meeting with US National Security Adviser Bolton says they discussed a "shared commitment to an ambitious free trade agreement once the UK leaves the EU. They also spoke about Brexit and a range of other issues including Iran, Hong Kong and 5G"
US Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell warns China that any violent crackdown on protests in Hong Kong would be "completely unacceptable"
22:09 at HK int'l Aiport: Blind as an female first aider got beanbag round shot in her right eye and blind her
Chants of "Don't trust Hong Kong police" as flights are still landing. Still a steady group of protesters at Hong Kong airport
Hong Kong airport 7:50 pm. Large, very peaceful presence still here. #antielab
Many protesters are still here at the Hong Kong Airport, chanting "Black policemen, return an eye", after local media reported that a female protester was shot in the eye last night by rubber bullets at Tsim Sha Tsui. All flights have been cancelled.
Beijing are sending military force from China mainland to Hong Kong. Here is the situation at Shenzhen border9 月 前
Beijing are sending military force from China mainland to Hong Kong. Here is the situation at Shenzhen border
The crowd of social workers rally on Arsenal St, opposite to @hkpoliceforce HQs, has doubled, but still rather small. #antiELAB
From anti-riot vehicles gathering in SZ to HK airport shutdown, #antiEALB protests account for 5 of Weibo's Top 10 trending topics — another sign of Beijing taking a harsher, more active stance in propaganda, rather than censoring all info
Airport in Hong Kong where all outbound flights have been canceled
The Beijing airport finally updated their flight information board as of 18:15, to show that flights to Hong Kong tonight have been cancelled9 月 前
The Beijing airport finally updated their flight information board as of 18:15, to show that flights to Hong Kong tonight have been cancelled
A crowd has migrated to march on Airport Road. Per Apple Daily reporter, there were rumours of imminent police action at the airport, so people decided to take the protest outside
18:13 - Hundreds are still scattered throughout T1 of #HKairport. Some are putting on their gas masks and helmets. Travellers still coming out into the arrival hall
Thousands of protesters on foot leaving the Hong Kong airport
18:04 at Kowloon station, sea of protestors getting off from airport express. Some chanted "Hong Kong add oil, see you next time." #antiELAB
CGTN:China's Armed Police Force stations in south China's Shenzhen9 月 前
CGTN:China's Armed Police Force stations in south China's Shenzhen
Hong Kong airport authority says all passengers are advised to leave the terminal buildings as soon as possible
A source says the last fight landing today will be Virgin Australia's VA83, scheduled to touch down at 5.31pm. Other flights scheduled to arrive later were either diverted or put on hold #HongKongProtests
Traffic congested leading to HongKong Airport; car park full; airport officials advising people not to come; police have arrived with tear gas warning signs; arrivals hall full of protestors and it seems police will try and clear them soon.
Police already holding shields in Arrival Hall A inside restricted area Telegram antiELAB ExtraditionLaw HongKongProtests
[email protected] said there's no clear evidence suggesting the female protester, who might lose her right eye, is hit by the police. "Is it a rubber bullet, or a metal ball [used by protesters], I don't know." #hongkongprotests
Incoming traffic to Hongkonk airport currently diverted
#antiELAB protesters calling for a retreat, saying their aim to bring down traffic at the Hong Kong airport has been achieved. #hkairport
HongKong International Airport has cancelled all departing flights
The People's Armed Police have been assembling in Shenzhen, a city bordering Hong Kong, in advance of apparent large-scale exercises, videos obtained by the Global Times have shown9 月 前
The People's Armed Police have been assembling in Shenzhen, a city bordering Hong Kong, in advance of apparent large-scale exercises, videos obtained by the Global Times have shown
Deputy Commissioner of Police admitted police imposed as protestors to arrest "core violent protestors" #antiELAB
4pm Beijing Press-conference: 1. #antiELAB protests have shown signs of terrorism 2. what protesters did on 8.11 was mad and frenzied, with no consideration for consequences 3. @hkpoliceforce has been professional and restrained and made important contributions
All flights after 16:30 in ⁦@hkairport⁩ suspended #antiELAB
Chants of "dirty policemen, return the eye." are growing louder as protestors take over T2. Incidentally, here's a 7-11 at last that doesn't immediately close the shutters as protesters approach
All flights in and out of HKIA, besides those already boarding or en route to HK, reportedly cancelled
13 professional groups in Hong Kong are holding a joint press conference tonight to announce follow-up actions in response to police brutality
Hong Kong: protesters are handing out city maps to tourists. But instead of the major sites it includes incidents of police violence and their location
Police invited lawmakers and press to monitor an anti-riot drill equipped with water cannons this morning. As they said road test was completed, the water cannons, which police term "specialised crowd management vehicles", is expected to be in use shortly. #antiELAB
9 月 前
KCNA: "It is our principled stand that any county, entity and individual should not be allowed to destroy the sovereignty and security of China and 'one country and two systems' as Hong Kong is Hong Kong of China."
9 月 前
KCNA: "Foreign forces have become outspoken in their attempt to encroach upon theorder of the society of Hong Kong and destroy the life and properties of the citizens by interfering ininternal affair of ChinaWe express concern about this attempt and oppose and reject it."
9 月 前
KCNA: "We fully support the stand and measures of the Chinese party and government for defending the sovereignty, security and reunification of the country and safeguarding the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong."
Hong Kong Protests #antiELAB During the TST site clearance around 8pm, @hkpoliceforce fired shotgun shells at protesters head (flexible baton rounds). One woman was hit in the face (the shell jammed in her goggles)
Residents angry and surround the Tuen Mun Police Station9 月 前
Residents angry and surround the Tuen Mun Police Station
[Tsuen Wan Scene] The crowd gathered in the Tsuen Wan Rest Area until the early hours of the morning. There were still a large number of people gathering and dissatisfied with the police action. (12:35 AM)
Footage from Taikoo station showing riot police beating protesters with batons as they chase them down the escalators. (NowTV) #antiELAB
Whampoa residents reject police after protesters were reportedly headed to Whampoa and Sha Tin Police Station. #HongKongProtests
Hong Kong Police fired pepperball guns close to residents and civilians in Sai Wan Ho
Riot police have suddenly formed a cordon line outside Felicity Garden in the residential area of Sai Wan Ho on the Hong Kong Island without a clear reason. People say the police are blocking their way home and are chanting them to "retreat". #antiELAB
22.59 @inmediahk photos of police disguised as protesters arresting protesters in Causeway Bay
Previously [Tai Koo MTR station]: Police beating up protestors
Police wear mask and black T-shirt to pretend themselves as protestors. They hide in crowd and arrest other activist suddenly.
Citizens in Causeway Bay walk towards an area where police vans are parked. Policemen packing up and leaving
Just now in Taikoo MTR station Hong Kong Police chased and hit, arrested multiple protesters
Police just charged into Tai Koo MTR station beating up protesters, at least one protester rolled down an escalator midway #antiELAB
Police dress as protesters in Causeway Bay to perform snatch and grab (as police forces move in). Hiding face using masks plus can be seen with police walkie talkies
Kwai Fong MTR station: The first time Hong Kong police fired tear gas rounds inside the public transport MTR metro system during the 10-week civil unrest/protests in the city.
Black flag again at Kwai Fong #antiELAB
The group chanting "support police" and holding China national flag, police officers just gently get them back on pedestrian but totally different treatment after hours of illegal assembly and violence in North Point Hong Kong
Tear gas. 7 rounds. Kwai Fong #antiELAB
The closure on King's Road lasts until the turn for Fortress Hill Road, where riot police in gas masks are waiting. Nearby shops are closing their shutters. It seems the police are determined to prevent any protesters from reaching North Point #antiELAB
18:57 at Wan Chai: Riot police keep firing tear gas, and suddenly charged toward police. No one is arrest
Molotov being thrown in Wan Chai. Credit: SCMP staff
Protest at Hong Kong International Airport
At least one round was fired near the junction of Lockhart Road and Fenwick Street, where protesters and police were facing off and the former had set up road blocks #HongKongProtests
[18:40] Protesters moved to TST Police Station. Police fires tear gas. #HongKongProtests
18:46 tear gas on Lockhart Road and police advancing. Now Hennessey too.
Teargas fired in Wanchai. A molotov was also seen thrown near the front lines as protesters retreated. #antiELAB
Protests for the 10th straight week in Hong Kong. 1000s of demonstrators participate peacefully in what police call an "unauthorized assembly"
Hong Kong: Victoria Park around 15:00. Thousands of antiELAB protesters have gathered
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