Map. History of Hong Kong conflict

22 January 2018
2 day ago
Two workers injured after factory building scaffolding in Hong Kong collapses
Beijing mouthpiece attacks Hong Kong student groups 'studying' independence
Hong Kong democracy leader Joshua Wong jailed a second time for 2014 protest
Jerry Chun Shing Lee, aka Zhen Cheng Li, 53, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer, was arrested last night on charges of unlawful retention of national defense information.
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam blasts UK group's 'unfounded and unfair' report on city
6 day ago
Man arrested over murder of wife and son at Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong 'may have failed in Seoul chocolate factory business'
Delta Air Lines apologizes, says it recognizes seriousness of issue after criticism from China for listing Taiwan, Tibet as countries on its website
Authorities in China shut down Marriott website for a week after the US hotel giant mistakenly lists Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau as separate countries
HK$57.2 billion budget surplus means more cash to splash out
Thousands in Hong Kong march against so-called suppression by Beijing amid eroding autonomy and rule of law
Hong Kong eyes blockbuster China tech IPO queue, led by Xiaomi
3 week ago
Hong Kong-flagged oil tanker Lighthouse Winmore transferred refined petroleum products to a North Korean ship in international waters in late October, South Korea says
3 syndicate members jailed in 'heaviest penalty' for Internet piracy in Hong Kong
Police arrest co-owner of Hong Kong travel agency that left Filipino helpers stranded
Remote Hong Kong island  Tung Ping Chau holds nuclear emergency drills1 month ago
Remote Hong Kong island Tung Ping Chau holds nuclear emergency drills
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday reaffirms the central government's unswerving adherence to the principle of "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong and Macao, when he met with chief executives of the two special administrative regions
1 month ago
Forbes fired the China hawk Gordon Chang, and then told him they would be deleting all of his articles from the website. It's very unusual for a publication to delete someone's articles. And the editor who fired him said "I'm a huge fan of your work."
1 month ago
Hong Kong fund tells Toshiba that chip unit sale to Bain group not necessary
1 month ago
No across-the-board tax cuts for Hong Kong, finance chief says
1 month ago
Cathay Pacific crew saw North Korean missile from plane, airline says
1 month ago
US$297 million IPO is first in Hong Kong to target China's Xiongan project
1 month ago
Man dies after van rams into stationary truck on Hong Kong road
1 month ago
Malaysian tour group arrested at Hong Kong airport with HK$4 million ketamine
1 month ago
Hong Kong university student loses HK$220,000 in phone scam
1 month ago
Four arrested for cheating victims of HK$15,000 with fake vouchers in Hong Kong
2 month ago
The Hong Kong island providing a new dawn for rehabilitating drug addicts
2 month ago
A tax increase for Singapore would be nectar for Hong Kong
2 month ago
Government adviser urges Hong Kong to enact national security legislation
2 month ago
Hong Kong police probe vicious bullying incident at primary school
2 month ago
Hongkongers who challenge Communist Party have ‘brains made of granite’, says mainland official